New infosec products of the week: January 10, 2020

Arlo SmartCloud: A SaaS solution securing cloud services for businesses

Arlo SmartCloud is a fully managed global platform built for security, scalability and reliability that can be deployed as part of subscription services for hardware companies, automotive companies, service providers, insurance companies, home builders, smart communities, smart cities, traditional security companies, and other related verticals.

infosec products January 2020

TP-Link HomeCare Pro: A smart home IoT security solution powered by Avira

Powered by Avira, Homecare Pro can identify smart home devices and check to determine if they are safe. Users will be notified if a related security function needs to be enabled or optimized to protect not only endpoints like laptops or smartphones, but also IoT devices like smart bulbs, smart thermostats, smart plugs and more.

infosec products January 2020

3D sensing platform for access control and smart video security announced

The Ambarella CV25 AI vision SoC powers depth processing, anti-spoofing algorithms, 3D facial recognition algorithms, and video encoding on a single chip, significantly reducing system complexity while improving performance.

infosec products January 2020

Fingerprint Cards adds two capacitive touch sensors to its fingerprint authentication portfolio

The FPC1020 and FPC1024 touch sensors feature high biometric performance and a small physical footprint. They are water resistant and can be used by devices and applications where a secure and smooth way to authenticate users is desired. The sensors have low power consumption and come with features for an excellent everyday user experience.

infosec products January 2020

Cloudflare for Teams: Protecting corporations without sacrificing performance

Cloudflare has launched Cloudflare for Teams, a set of solutions that will secure corporations and their employees globally, without sacrificing performance. Cloudflare for Teams is centered around two core products: Cloudflare Access and Cloudflare Gateway.

infosec products January 2020

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