In 2020, 5G deployments will continue at a frantic pace

The implementation of massive MIMO in 5G systems is changing, according to a Mobile Experts report.

5G deployments

There’s a shift away from the dominant position of 64T64R mMIMO, toward 32T32R systems. During initial 5G system roll-outs, the distinct preference was to achieve best coverage and data rate, leading to large deployment of 64T64R mMIMO antenna solutions.

China’s tremendous surge of 5G deployment

“The explosion of shipments in 2019 due to massive MIMO and 5G base stations will continue into 2020 and will target on the China market,” commented Principal Analyst Dan McNamara.

“We are past the peak for 4G and well into the 5G deployment efforts. As was the case in 2019, China will continue to be the main volume driver as additional cities get their 5G networks.

“We’ll also see a big change in the countries that convert their trial networks into live commercial systems. This will be a global phenomenon,” commented Principal Analyst Dan McNamara.

The 5G snowball is gaining momentum; in 2020, the pace of deployments will continue the frantic pace they set in 2019. It’s also gaining weight as areas with early deployments extend the overall coverage area, fill in gaps and start implementing applications that 5G systems can offer.

Many new countries will launch 5G during the 2021 to 2025 timeframe, propelling 5G and the market forward.

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