SCYTHE Marketplace: Enabling corporate red teams to test the latest real world cyber threats

SCYTHE, a leader in continuous adversarial emulation, is introducing the SCYTHE Marketplace at the RSA Conference 2020.

The SCYTHE Marketplace opens up SCYTHE’s synthetic malware creation platform to trusted third party developers so that they can turn their experience and expertise into new capabilities for a vibrant security ecosystem.

Customers can integrate these cutting-edge modules into their SCYTHE campaigns and advance their security exercises. The SCYTHE platform is a centralized environment to identify security blindspots for Blue Teams, multiply Red Team resources, and amplify behaviors for Purple Teaming.

“Enterprises can put targets on particular capabilities or modules they would like to see driving what the platform can do for them.” – Bryson Bort, CEO of SCYTHE, Inc.

“The SCYTHE Marketplace enables corporate red teams to test the latest real world cyber threats and know exactly if their enterprise is ready to tangle with cyber threats from nation states, insiders and criminal organizations.” – Ron Gula, President of Gula Tech Adventures and SCYTHE Board Member

SCYTHE has brought together an Advisory Council of information security, technology, and business industry experts to further guide the development of the SCYTHE Marketplace. Announced in January, members of the Advisory Council include Chloé Messdaghi, John Strand, Sounil Yu, Tim MalcomVetter, and TJ O’Connor.

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