OPAQ and PacketFabric to provide on-demand, elastic NaaS with integrated enterprise-grade security

OPAQ, the SASE network company, and PacketFabric, the leading Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform, announced a partnership to provide customers on-demand, elastic Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) connectivity with a comprehensive suite of built-in security controls.

The joint offerings enable organizations to easily and quickly provision connections between their data centers, cloud service providers, field offices and remote users, that are protected by highly performant and scalable threat inspection and prevention capabilities.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak underscores the challenges organizations face in adapting legacy network and security architectures to the cloud and new digital business requirements.

With entire companies mandating that employees work from home, networks designed to support 50 or so remote users, must now provide access for hundreds or even thousands of connections.

In addition to bandwidth problems, COVID-19-related remote work is straining security appliances used to inspect traffic entering and leaving corporate data centers, while devices used by employees are now under-protected, which opens the door to new security risks.

The OPAQ SASE platform provides PacketFabric users enterprise-grade Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) and Endpoint Protection-as-a-Service (EPaaS) on a fully encrypted infrastructure that can be centrally managed through the OPAQ 360 cloud console for 100% network visibility and control.

Through the OPAQ SASE platform, customers can securely reach PacketFabric’s ecosystem of cloud service providers, XaaS companies, unified communication services, and other collaboration partners to support the growing demand for remote work.

“OPAQ and PacketFabric enable organizations to easily and quickly establish elastic connections between their data centers, cloud service providers, branch offices and remote workers, that are protected with advanced threat inspection engines and eliminate inefficient routing of traffic to hub sites for centralized security enforcement,” said Casey Corcoran, Chief Information Security Officer of OPAQ.

“PacketFabric customers can instantly create a private connection to access the OPAQ SASE offering over PacketFabric’s platform today. This allows customers to take advantage of the agility and performance offered by PacketFabric’s network while using the OPAQ SASE platform to enforce security controls with ease.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has very rapidly changed the demands being placed upon business infrastructure as workforces have shifted from office buildings to remote locations,” said Chad Milam, President and CEO, PacketFabric.

“By providing automated, scalable, private connectivity to our customers, we empower them to quickly provision new capacity and instantly connect to service providers such as OPAQ. This capability allows enterprise infrastructure to react and get in front of the fast changing needs.

“OPAQ’s SASE offering enables our customers to implement zero trust principles and consistently apply and enforce security policies across their entire network.”

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