EclecticIQ’s new browser extension helps analysts capture threat indicators automatically

EclecticIQ, global provider of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) technology solutions, has released a new browser extension, specifically made for its Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP). The extension lets analysts process threat data directly from their web browser.

Through a combination of automation and workflow tooling the browser extension reduces the time and effort for CTI analysts to process threat data found either on external websites or on the web-based front-ends of their internal security controls. Analysts can capture the data, structure it and subsequently ingest into their TIP in one flow, without ever leaving the page they are on.

“EclecticIQ Platform is designed to save analysts valuable time, but a large percentage of their work is spent online, which is why the new Browser Extension offers the perfect link between our analyst workbench and the online research environment,” said Joep Gommers, CEO and founder, EclecticIQ.

EclecticIQ Browser Extension has been completely rebuilt with an innovative new user interface and replaces the company’s previous web browser extension tool, formerly known as CTI Clipboard. The new extension includes key features to improve analysts’ workflow and save time:

Automatic data capture: Browser Extension lets analysts work faster by automatically capturing threat indicators, including IP addresses, hashes, domains, URIs, email addresses and filenames.

In-context entity editor: The tool groups captured data into new STIX entities on the fly and lets analysts quickly add contextual data from a single interface while the original webpage remains visible.

Structured data ingestion: Analysts easily transfer structured data from the Browser Extension to the EclecticIQ Platform with a single mouse click, eliminating the need for manual file exporting and importing or copying and pasting.

“The release of the new EclecticIQ Browser Extension strengthens our portfolio of analyst-centric products for intelligence-led security,” added Gommers. “This launch is one more step in our ambitious product roadmap as we execute on our strategy to see intelligence at the core of cybersecurity.”

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