Netskope’s security controls and protection now available for Microsoft Teams

Netskope, a leading security cloud, announced the availability of its security controls and protection for Microsoft Teams. With the Netskope Security Cloud, organizations get the benefits of increased employee collaboration and productivity while enforcing security policies that keep data safe.

Netskope also announced that the company has met the requirements to be officially named a certified Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provider for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams—part of the Microsoft 365 suite of applications—helps to increase collaboration in businesses of all sizes, combining workplace chats, online meetings, calls, files and tools & other apps.

As remote working skyrockets, the need for a secure and scalable collaborative environment is essential. Beyond providing security for any location or device type, enterprises need to consider data movement between both managed and unmanaged instances of applications, a challenge discussed in the Netskope Cloud and Threat Report.

With Netskope, Teams customers benefit from a unique convergence of security capabilities that simplify the work of security teams. Through one interface and zero on-premises appliances, the Netskope Security Cloud prevents data loss and protects against threats inline through its next gen secure web gateway (NG SWG), and covers data at-rest through its cloud access security broker (CASB).

The Netskope Security Cloud is delivered on Netskope NewEdge, the world’s largest carrier-grade private-cloud network that offers unsurpassed performance at hyperscale.

“With 44 million daily active users, Microsoft Teams has seen tremendous growth. For CISOs, this fast adoption reinforces the need to provide inline data protection and compliance to this application, enabling enterprise-wide collaboration that is safe to the business without impairing productivity,” said Bruno Raimondo, Head of SaaS Product Management at Netskope.

“To address this ‘collaboration from anywhere’ need, Netskope provides near real-time API-enabled protection, such as DLP and threat protection, to protect our customers’ data as it relates to the cloud, regardless of where users are located.”

Rushmi Malaviarachchi, Partner Director of Program Management for Information Protection in Teams at Microsoft Corp. said, “Now more than ever, effective and safe collaboration is critical for every employee.

“As we see more organizations rely on Microsoft Teams to work together, we want to enable them to better manage their risk by complying with their internal policies and adhere to external regulations, Netskope is a well-known security and compliance SaaS provider.

“By bringing them into the Teams ecosystem, we are giving our enterprise customers more options to protect their valuable data as they adopt our Microsoft 365 suite of applications and tools.”

Granular visibility and control

Netskope for Teams allows IT security teams to monitor and set policies that can be defined by various attributes, such as user, activity, teams, and more. These policies enable the inspection of Teams messages and files in near real-time for data loss and threats.

Custom policies can detect and restrict activities—such as the sharing of personally identifiable information in Teams channels—and custom messages help coach employees to avoid high risk activities.

Advanced data protection

Netskope for Teams offers advanced DLP capabilities to protect sensitive data no matter where it’s located or where it goes—out to any SaaS application, IaaS service, or to the web. This includes protecting data-at-rest as well as data-in-motion.

Security teams can have Teams messages and files inspected in near real-time for sensitive data exfiltration to help reduce the risk of insider threats.

Cloud threat and malware protection

The Netskope machine learning- and rules-based anomaly detection engine can alert security teams to suspicious logins, excessive activity, data exfiltration, and compromised credentials to help resolve incidents faster.

Using the anti-malware capabilities, Netskope has the ability to detect and remediate cloud malware in near real-time or on files already within a Teams instance.

Single console and cloud architecture

Netskope provides a single point of control for managing cloud security and compliance needs for Teams as well as many cloud applications.

Security teams can gain in-depth visibility for activities within their instances of Teams as well as other Office 365 applications such as OneDrive, Outlook, and SharePoint, using a single console with intuitive workflows and detailed reporting.

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