Redis and Microsoft to deliver Redis Enterprise as integrated tiers of Azure Cache for Redis

Redis Labs announced a new strategic agreement with MicrosoftMicrosoft to deliver Redis Enterprise as new, fully integrated tiers of Azure Cache for Redis.

The new service offering, available in Private Preview, will unlock the power of Redis for Azure customers’ mission-critical workloads through advanced, enterprise-grade functionality, including Redis on Flash, modules, and, in the future, the ability to create an active geo-redundant cache for hybrid-cloud architectures.

“We are excited to partner with Microsoft to bring Redis Enterprise to Azure as a fully integrated service,” said Ofer Bengal, CEO and co-founder at Redis Labs.

“The new enterprise tiers of Azure Cache for Redis fulfills the desire we hear from customers for a fully managed cloud data store that provides significant cost savings for large datasets and the greatest simplicity to consume Redis Enterprise with the confidence and resilience they need from their data layer as they move to Azure.”

“The integration with Redis Labs underscores Microsoft’s vision for a successful cloud and open source collaboration that serves the needs of developers and supports the open source ecosystem for continued innovation,” said Julia Liuson, Corporate Vice President, Developer Division at Microsoft.

“We believe the new enterprise tiers of Azure Cache for Redis will help companies deliver their most critical applications with scale, high availability, and low latency.”

Accelerating the move to Azure with confidence

The new enterprise offering on Azure Cache for Redis will improve developer productivity, offer greater operational resilience, and increase peace of mind for companies migrating their databases from on-premise infrastructure to operating fully in the public cloud. Specifically, customers will benefit from:

Improved developer productivity

  • Use the most up-to-date version of Redis including its native data structures, probabilistic data structures, streams, time-series, and search data models
  • Deploy a Redis cluster within minutes and scale to terabyte-sized data sets at the cost of a disk-based datastore by utilizing Redis on Flash technology
  • Familiar Azure Cache for Redis interface and management experience, enabling developers to start immediately with the service
  • Native integration with other Azure services for seamless development

Greater resiliency, security, and compliance

  • Enterprise-grade SLAs, offering additional uptime through Redis Enterprise’s active geo-replication technology
  • Support for network isolation

Simplified procurement and billing

  • Customers can reduce their total cost of ownership by scaling how much Redis they need in real-time with consumption-based pricing
  • Redis Enterprise consumption becomes part of the customer’s monthly Azure bill
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