EfficientIP Cloud IPAM Sync: Improved control over applications hosted in multi-cloud environments

EfficientIP launched Cloud IPAM Sync, a new service that enables IT managers to improve control over applications hosted in multi-cloud environments.

Cloud IPAM Sync uses DDI to provide central visibility and unified management over internal and cloud datacenters, thanks to real-time repository information.

The cloud has become an attractive option for both enterprises and attackers. According to the joint 2020 Global DNS Threat Report from EfficientIP and IDC, companies experienced a 22% rise in attacks on the cloud last year.

This year the global COVID-19 pandemic has made the cloud more popular than ever, as enterprises drive an increasing number of applications to the cloud to better enable remote work.

As they do so, companies are mixing the use of their own private clouds with the use of public, third-party clouds (such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Cloud), which creates a dispersed, hybrid-cloud environment that is difficult to oversee and protect.

“You cannot control what you do not see!” says Jean-Yves Bisiaux, CTO of EfficientIP. “An accurate inventory of deployed VM and IP-related resources is at the foundation of efficient network control and automation. EfficientIP offers the required visibility across hybrid cloud infrastructures based on AWS and/or Microsoft Azure.”

Cloud IPAM Sync allows IT managers to take back control by providing from a single viewpoint a more accurate vision of what VMs and apps are being created in the public clouds.

It offers near real-time updates to the repository data—a comprehensive inventory of apps, devices, and IP-related information—which becomes a “single source of truth” (IP Golden Records) across both a company’s internal datacenter and AWS and Microsoft Azure Clouds.

This functionality enables IT managers to detect unknown resources and combat shadow IT. It also allows planning and control of IP resources regardless of location, which can optimize resource utilization, decrease operating expenditures, and improve capacity planning.

It gives business leaders the agility to make informed decisions regarding new deployments and modifications, as well as enabling smart integration and automation with third-party applications for accelerating IT services deployment. It can also track data for any potential audits and assist with company compliance.

The Cloud IPAM Sync Solution is a core feature of a wider update from EfficientIP. Release 7.2 of EfficientIP’s SOLIDserver is geared towards the Internet, the ecosystem and cloud. It brings improved visibility on cloud resources, eases integration and digital transformation, and places IPAM at the heart of I&O solutions.

The release brings new features and updates to many DDI components, mainly in the areas of network automation (such as APIs, network discovery) and security (such as DoT, threat intelligence and client filtering).


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