Acunetix now available on all major operating systems, including macOS

Acunetix is now available on macOS. Customers can now harness the full power of Acunetix using their operating system of choice –– Windows, Linux, macOS, or the cloud.

Acunetix pioneered dynamic application security testing (DAST), was the first business-class web application security scanner on Linux, and is now the first on macOS as well.

“Many businesses select macOS because it is perceived as one of the most user-friendly and secure operating systems,” said Nicholas Sciberras, CTO of Acunetix.

“Since most business-class security tools are not available on macOS, administrators have to set up dedicated or virtual machines to run these tools, which is both frustrating and can be a security risk in itself,” he said.

Acunetix customers that use macOS have expressed appreciation for being able to scan natively with Acunetix; they report that it provides a smoother and faster scanning experience and more flexibility for small deployments.

“Acunetix scans on macOS are fast and accurate,” said Ondrej Kelka, IT Security Application & Infrastructure Consulting Expert at T-Mobile.

“Acunetix is the only web application vulnerability scanner that provides interactive application security testing (IAST) together with out-of-band scanning, malware scanning, and much more,” said Sciberras. “We offer an unparalleled range of capabilities and efficiency coupled with outstanding accuracy and depth of scans,” he said.

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