BDO launches integrated data governance, risk management and compliance solution

BDO USA announced the launch of a new integrated solution that helps organizations develop and maintain a comprehensive data governance, risk management and compliance program.

BDO’s Compliance Center allows companies to maximize the utility of their Microsoft suite by providing complementary services through each step of the compliance and information risk management process, from data discovery and initial gap assessments, to controls implementation, ongoing monitoring and enforcement.

The new offering assists organizations in better understanding their compliance posture by providing a risk-based score that measures progress in efforts to reduce risk around data protection and regulations—a centralized capability that is customized to companies’ unique needs.

Risk identification and ranking also informs new or updated policies to better manage data loss prevention, insider threats and data retention compliance requirements.

“With the CCPA now effective and a federal U.S. privacy law on the radar, it’s clear that understanding evolving regulatory requirements across jurisdictions, languages, and functions is daunting.

Equipping organizations with a 360-degree lens to view compliance and data governance needs within a single tool can create considerable cost-savings, streamlined processes and strengthened controls,” said Karen Schuler, Principal and Governance, Risk & Compliance National Practice Leader at BDO Digital.

Features of BDO’s Compliance Center platform, powered by Microsoft, include:

  • Identification of sensitive data sources: Compliance, technical and legal teams can easily identify the universe of documents, including heavily regulated data types, and segregate data types that are most critical to the organization.
  • Compliance assessments: A cross-functional map aggregates requirements across regulations and the state of compliance. The platform also provides ongoing management and monitoring, and reviews documented policies against technical controls.
  • Risk analysis: The platform can more rapidly detect potential data leaks and spillage, identify potential confidentiality breaches, protect IP theft and uncover fraud, insider trading and regulatory compliance violations.
  • Ongoing governance: Microsoft 365 environments can be automatically scanned to conduct continuous assessments and monitor changes to sensitive data sources when a regulation is updated.

“BDO Compliance Center is just the latest innovation born from our long-standing work with Microsoft. By seamlessly integrating our existing advisory services with Microsoft’s Compliance Manager, we can provide best-in-class risk management, compliance, data protection, and monitoring support for our clients,” added Ric Opal, Principal and National Strategic Partnership Leader, BDO Digital.

Mandana Javaheri, Global Director, Cybersecurity Solutions Group at Microsoft Corp. said, “Now more than ever, customers are focused on protecting their data, their employees and their customers, as well as meeting industry and government requirements.

“By combining BDO’s industry expertise and service offerings with Microsoft’s portfolio of compliance technologies, customers are able to better protect their critical assets within the organization.”

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