JumpCloud App for Windows: Enabling secure credential and identity management

JumpCloud announced the release of the JumpCloud App for Windows, the latest update to its patent-pending strategy for enabling secure credential and identity management from an employee’s device.

The release follows its Apple macOS App release, which established the company’s strategy for a device-centric approach to secure corporate password updates.

Employees safely manage and modify their credentials from within the confines of JumpCloud-managed Windows and macOS hosts, eliminating attack vectors such as phishing emails, deepfake portals, and similar social engineering methods which pose as a company’s mandated way to update passwords.

The JumpCloud Windows App streamlines credential management workflows and establishes the employee’s workstation or laptop as a trusted device.

Along with JumpCloud’s endpoint-management capabilities, i.e. System Insights, configuration policies, full disk encryption, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and user account management, the Windows App allows the employee to interact with their corporate JumpCloud identity, access their User Portal securely to launch into applications via SSO, and update their corporate password.

A password change simultaneously updates their device password in addition to all other resources the employee is connected to via JumpCloud’s cloud-based directory service.

“As users find themselves managing credentials for an ever-growing number of online platforms, they’re also targets for phishing attempts that have become increasingly sophisticated and difficult to distinguish from legitimate requests,” said KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, Industry Analyst at RedMonk.

“JumpCloud’s Windows App–like its existing offering for MacOS–is designed to help organizations eliminate the risk of email-based phishing schemes for associated user accounts by centralizing identity management on associated individuals’ devices.”

“The one place an employee should trust to manage their credentials is within their device, not over the open internet and not exclusively by an email reminder,” said Greg Keller, CTO at JumpCloud.

“JumpCloud’s security policies, MFA, and our Windows and macOS apps provide the assurance that IT and security teams need for the most secure means to protect their employees.”

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