LookingGlass broadens executive team, setting its vision for next-generation cybersecurity products

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions announced additions to its executive leadership setting the company’s vision for next-generation cybersecurity products.

The company’s Chairman of the Board, Gilman Louie has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Don Gilberg, strategic advisor, investor, and industry veteran joins LookingGlass’ executive team as President and Chief Operating Officer.

The company also welcomes Mary Yang as Senior Vice President of Marketing, who most recently supported strategic cybersecurity efforts at The MITRE Corporation, including the development and growth of the National Cybersecurity Federally Funded Research and Development Center, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Ron Nielson, formerly LookingGlass’ Senior Vice President of Public Sector, is now Executive Vice President, overseeing product development, revenue operations, and customer success. He brings more than 30 years of cybersecurity operations, strategic visioning, and leadership expertise to LookingGlass.

These appointments complement a strong leadership roster including Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Haas; Dave Horn, Senior Vice President of Engineering; Lee Mariano, Chief People Officer; and Michael Taxay, General Counsel & Chief Risk Officer.

With decades of combined experience advising and defending large government and commercial enterprises from rapidly evolving cyber risks, LookingGlass’ leadership team brings crucial technology, operational and go-to-market expertise to guide the growth and success of the company’s product portfolio.

These include scoutPRIME, a cyber situational awareness platform providing real-time visibility into organizations’ external threats to help you see what the adversary sees; scoutTHREAT, a threat intelligence platform (TIP) that empowers security teams to develop and compare highly customized threat actor profiles with an organization’s actual defensive posture to mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce risk; and CloudShield Eclipse, an active defense platform that detects, blocks, and deceives attacks at machine-speed using a combination of network traffic analysis, behavioral and signature-based detection, and threat intelligence.

“Much of the cybersecurity status quo still reflects the human-driven tasks of comparing host and network signature data, then realigning layered defensive controls and responding to whatever is seen bypassing these safeguards in a relentless race to act in time, every time,” said LookingGlass CEO Gilman Louie.

“LookingGlass is fundamentally changing this equation for our customers by helping them deploy more automated defenses, on their terms. Overwhelmed security teams hard-pressed to keep up with evolving IT assets and workforces in a highly disrupted cloud and pandemic era, their time is also urgently needed to help frame crucial business and operational decisions dictating risk tolerance and attack surfaces.

“LookingGlass customers can move beyond gathering threat intelligence into acting on insight – informed, coordinated data – and gain precious time for security and C-Level decision-making.”

As machine learning and artificial intelligence become embedded in every device and system, cyber-attacks will increasingly occur at machine-speed. Characterized by algorithms, coordination across disparate systems, and overwhelming data, attacks will occur and progress in the blink of an eye.

Cyber defense based solely on human perception and decision making will become vastly inadequate.

LookingGlass will leverage its experience and commitment to defending and supporting the most advanced organizations in the world, from protecting financial systems to safeguarding national security interests, to deliver the next generation of cybersecurity solutions.

With an initial focus on public sector use cases, LookingGlass’ solutions will leverage the asymmetric nature of cyber-attacks to purposefully shape the adversary’s view.

By providing security professionals with enriched visibility into adversary behaviors through resources and automated workflows, LookingGlass’ solutions will greatly enhance the ability of security professionals to defend their networks and critical information assets.

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