NCC Group Remediate: Providing remedial action and support to strengthen clients’ security postures

NCC Group has officially launched its new Remediate service, which provides immediate remedial action and long-term strategic support to strengthen organizations’ security postures and reduce their cyber risk.

The global cyber security and risk mitigation expert created Remediate to combine reactive support – including direct resolution of high-priority issues uncovered during testing and 24/7 incident response during a breach – with the proactive creation of long-term security roadmaps.

Resource constraints and a lack of advanced security knowledge often mean that organizations are unable to quickly act upon recommendations following a security assessment.

The Remediate service directly addresses this difficulty by creating proactive cyber improvement programmes that prioritise problem areas and integrate with clients’ ‘business as usual’ activity – providing internal teams with the skills and guidance to drive security improvements at pace.

The Group has already delivered Remediate for a number of clients across multiple sectors, including one FTSE 100 company which worked with NCC Group’s experts to successfully contain and eradicate a breach before strengthening its estate against future attacks.

Ian Thomas, Managing Director at NCC Group, said: “We are acutely aware that actioning the results and recommendations of security testing to stay ahead of the curve on cyber risk is becoming increasingly challenging. That’s why the Remediate service is so critical in ensuring we don’t simply identify problems and walk away – we also address them and leave organizations in a much more resilient position.”

“We’ve been able to address a number of challenges our clients continually face: the need to quickly and reactively remediate specific threats, the ability to turn often complex reports into proactive improvement programmes, and being able to overcome resource limitations.

“With Remediate, we are pooling the market leading expertise of our offensive and defensive cyber experts to deliver high quality security improvements. From identifying issues in the initial test to the subsequent remediation and long-term security improvements, we are providing a unique and comprehensive end-to-end offer.”

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