Allot DNS Secure joins the Allot Secure family of cybersecurity solutions for CSPs

Allot announced that a new mass-market cybersecurity solution, Allot DNS Secure, will join the Allot Secure family of cybersecurity solutions for communication service providers (CSPs). The new solution is supported by an agreement with Open-Xchange to license its OX PowerDNS technology, which will be integrated into Allot DNS Secure.

DNS Secure is designed for CSPs who want to deploy a security solution primarily for fixed broadband subscribers. The solution provides protection against a broad range of cyber threats including malware and phishing and offers content filtering.

It is deployed with a “light touch” on the CSP network either as a standalone solution or together with other solutions in the unified Allot Secure family, such as HomeSecure, NetworkSecure and EndpointSecure.

OX PowerDNS technology complements Allot’s comprehensive threat database and unique proxy capabilities, such as carrier grade performance; multi-protocol enforcement and scalability up to many millions of subscribers.

As a network-based cybersecurity solution, DNS Secure enables effortless user onboarding, eliminating the need for subscribers to download, install or update any software.

“Building its new network-based cybersecurity solution on the OX PowerDNS platform will allow Allot to offer quick, comprehensive and scalable end-user protection against malware and phishing, combined with content filtering options, to its communication service provider customers,” said Neil Cook, PowerDNS Head of Product at Open-Xchange.

“The agreement with Open-Xchange enhances the Allot cybersecurity portfolio with an additional high-quality product. It gives Allot the flexibility to address the needs of CSPs that want to provide additional cyber protection measures to their customers,” said Mark Shteiman, Vice President of Product Management at Allot.

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