Juniper Networks partners with PBX-Change to increase network speed and visibility

Juniper Networks announced a partnership with PBX-Change. PBX-Change will now be able to bring Juniper’s innovative Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Flexible Service Edge technology to its customers, delivering business quality Unified Communications (UC) and business continuity services.

For the past 20 years, PBX-Change has been known for providing exceptional service to its local and national customers, as a pioneer of VOIP and internet services specializing in voice and cloud implementations.

The pairing of Juniper’s Flexible Service Edge technology with PBX-Change’s expertise will help customers optimize their networks, providing fast lane priority services for critical business applications.

The Juniper Session Smart SD-WAN solution uniquely differentiates PBX-Change, enabling it to offer a reliable quality of service (QoS), suitable for business-critical UC services, that aligns with its customers’ strategic objectives.

Juniper’s technology allows for an efficient use of bandwidth, enables SLAs, utilizes alternate paths for existing traffic, enables 100% uptime for UC services during failures, provides in-depth analytics, and grants complete visibility of sessions as they cross the network.

“From the very beginning, our company’s cornerstone has been the dedicated, specialized service that we offer all of our customers,” said Ryan Yaldor, CTO of PBX-Change.

“We’re partnering with Juniper to continue to back up that dedication by providing our customers with the most advanced, innovative solutions on the market today.”

The Juniper Session Smart Router enables the network to speak the language of applications and services, adapting automatically to the requirements of individual sessions and user segments.

The Session Smart Router enhances network security and performance, improving service at a lower overall cost, while increasing edge visibility and eliminating truck rolls through remote management and zero-touch implementation.

“PBX-Change is a perfect match as a partner for us,” added Tim Ziemer, VP Sales at Juniper Networks.

“With our advanced SD-WAN technology backing up PBX-Change’s years of expertise at implementing efficient, effective networking solutions, their large and small business customers will quickly realize the benefits of an agile and flexible networking solution.”

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