Seagate Lyve Data Transfer Services helps businesses quickly move mass data from edge to cloud

Seagate Technology launched Lyve Data Transfer Services with its fleet of Lyve Mobile data shuttles, arrays, and services, enabling businesses to move mass data quickly, securely, and simply from edge to private, public, or hybrid clouds.

The new Lyve Data Transfer Services on-demand, web-based purchasing model enables customers to pay only for what they need, when they need it.

Businesses are generating massive amounts of data. Seagate’s Rethink Data report notes that enterprise data is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 42.2% over the next two years.

And a new Seagate-commissioned IDC survey found that enterprises frequently move this data among different storage locations, including endpoints, edge, and cloud.

In over a thousand businesses surveyed, more than half move data between storage locations daily, weekly, or monthly, and their average total of physical data transferred is 473TB.

The faster they can move this data from edge to core to cloud, the more quickly they can unlock insights and derive value from their data.

Seagate’s Lyve Data Transfer Services solution consists of Lyve Mobile modular and scalable hardware, purpose-built for simple and secure mass-capacity edge data storage, lift-and-shift initiatives, and other data movement for the enterprise.

These products are cloud-vendor agnostic and can be integrated seamlessly with public or private cloud data centers and providers.

Lyve Data Transfer Services are now available through Seagate’s web site; customers simply sign up for Seagate’s data transfer services via a flexible subscription that scales up or down to meet evolving storage needs.

Florian Baumann, chief technical officer of Automotive and AI at Dell, stated, “Moving hundreds of terabytes of data from a fleet of vehicles to the data center poses numerous challenges for our customers.

“Seagate’s Lyve Data Transfer Services offer a great solution by physically moving data. It’s a simple and scalable solution and fills a gap that our customers had in the data gravity process.”

“We have a remote production project called ‘The Ripple Effect’ in which we have a network bandwidth of only 35Mbit/sec, making it difficult to push 4K ARRI raw video footage through,” said Dane Brehm, production technologist & digital imaging technician of the Entertainment Technology Center.

“Lyve Data Transfer Services make it possible to transfer and move 4K production footage to our cloud data center at the end of each day, quickly ingesting and moving the data, saving us time and money.”

Ashish Naik, principal business development manager, ADAS & Autonomous Driving at NI, noted, “Our focus is on increasing the quality of data while minimizing the total cost of data.

“We achieve this through precise and smart acquisition from new sensor interfaces as well as accurate and tight synchronization. These datasets are increasing exponentially in volume, velocity, and length.

“Seagate’s Lyve Data Transfer Services enable us to move mass data using Lyve Mobile to a centralized point, giving engineers simple and easy access to the mass data our testing processes collect.”

“With only a fraction of enterprise data being put to work due to economics and storage complexities, Seagate has simplified how mass capacity data is securely captured, aggregated, transported, and managed,” said Jeff Fochtman, senior vice president of marketing at Seagate Technology.

“Our Lyve portfolio gives the distributed enterprise a simple and innovative mass-data storage solution to lower overall storage TCO, move, scale, and monetize data, helping them drive value and growth.”

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