Backblaze partners with Jamf to offer step change in ease for the IT administrators

Backblaze and Jamf announced a joint solution partnership to make Backblaze backup and data protection services available with ease in the Jamf admin ecosystem.

Paired with the announcement from Backblaze of updates to mass deployment tools to streamline commands for installs and updates of its backup app, these improvements offer a step change in ease for IT Administrators tasked with safeguarding computers, servers, NAS, or Veeam data.

The Jamf partnership

Jamf is the standard in Apple enterprise management, so our partnership means that the thousands of admins in the Jamf ecosystem can more easily use Backblaze in their backup and data protection strategies for businesses.

“Providing the tools to connect, manage, and protect Apple products, while streamlining the user experience is core to Jamf’s mission—adding Backblaze and their latest Mac deployment options to the Jamf Marketplace Mac admins we serve is hugely helpful.

“We’re very excited to be deepening our collaboration with Backblaze,” said Sam Weiss—Manager, Solution Partner Program, Jamf.

The mass deployment upgrade

For any team administering backups for a large fleet of machines, the improvements to our mass deployment suite streamline commands for new user installs and add support for installs on existing users’ workstations when they’re replaced due to refresh policy or equipment loss.

Backblaze will introduce an updated Mac client for mass installs within weeks, after having just recently delivered an updated Windows Mass Silent Installer (MSI) for workforce PCs.

Netgovern, an information governance company, adopted Backblaze Groups to manage their team’s backups. Roland Gaspar, IT Director, described the ease of use he experienced when administering backups for all employees:

“In terms of ease of deployment and the simplicity of the whole experience—from downloading the software, to enabling the service, to requesting the restore—all of that just works with Backblaze.”

As companies’ refresh policies increasingly require workstation replacements every 4-5 years, and technology companies increasingly do so more like every 3 years, these latest mass install improvements translate to significant time savings, fast, for IT admins.

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