(ISC)² launches diversity, equity and inclusion online resource center

(ISC)² announced the next phase in its Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiative.

After initially forming a Task Force to guide the program’s progress, a multi-media resource center is now available. It will host a broad range of informative documents, webinars and research that can serve as a toolkit for any visitor who wants to audit, build and measure a DEI initiative in their organization, or simply wants to learn more about these issues.

The initial assets available on the DEI Resource Center include:

  • An “80 Diversity & Inclusion Definitions You Should Know” glossary
  • A “How to Develop a Strategic Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Plan” guide
  • A toolkit for “Defining and Shifting the DEI Business Case”
  • Referrals to scholarship opportunities that encourage diverse participation in the field of cybersecurity
  • An (ISC)² International Women’s Day webinar replay
  • A blog post on tips by women who have built a career in cybersecurity
  • A link to a webinar on “The Power of Side Hustles and Alliances: Finding Your Tribe”
  • Links to relevant videos and podcasts that can help both professionals and organizations learn more about DEI

“As we design policies that support the ideals of DEI within our association, we hope that this library of resources can inspire other organizations to create similar programs,” said Clar Rosso, CEO, (ISC)². “These efforts serve two purposes at once. Diversity, equity and inclusion are not only moral imperatives for today’s organizations to champion; they also help to inspire a safe and secure cyber world by increasing the size of the recruitable workforce that is focused on protecting us from cyber threats. Everyone wins when we expand the tent, welcome more talent in and afford all staff the same opportunities for career advancement.”

The (ISC)² DEI initiative focuses on attracting and developing a more diverse talent pipeline, accelerating more inclusive and equitable workplace policies, and supporting full and equal participation in cybersecurity education, training and employment at all career levels. 


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