1Kosmos Passwordless Identity Package provides a scalable passwordless authentication solution

1Kosmos announced the availability of its Passwordless Identity Package (PIP). The 1Kosmos PIP provides enterprises a risk-free, scalable passwordless authentication solution.

Research has shown that up to 81% of data breaches are caused by identity and credential compromises, which have many organizations looking to multi-factor authentication and passwordless solutions. However, there are significant vulnerabilities with current systems and many businesses will begin moving to identity-first solutions in the year ahead, according to Gartner.

The recent SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange and Colonial Pipeline attacks have all begun with credential compromises. Similar breaches can be avoided in the future by adding standards-based identity proofing and authentication measures to current cybersecurity solutions.

“Enterprises recognize that password-based attacks are their biggest vulnerability, and they are under pressure to implement an effective passwordless solution across multiple departments. PIP offers the flexibility organizations need to roll out passwordless fast, but in a controlled way to meet varying levels of authentication needs,” said Hemen Vimadalal, founder and CEO of 1Kosmos.

“The quick implementation of the PIP has businesses up and running fast – in seven days or less – to get companies started on their journey to passwordless authentication. Users like the frictionless experience and security teams have all the flexibility they need to ease into their implementation at whatever pace is right for them.”

Security teams often grapple with balancing security with convenience for employees, all while addressing specific authentication needs that vary by department. Senior executives, finance and accounting, and those responsible for physical and IT security generally have higher security requirements than for production line workers. With the PIP powered by 1Kosmos BlockID, a distributed digital identity platform, organizations can address various passwordless authentication needs across multiple departments in a matter of days.

BlockID enhances the employee experience by offering flexible authentication and identity proofing levels in a simple and easy to use registration and login process.

As the industry’s first NIST 800-63-3 and FIDO2 certified digital identity solution, BlockID provides strong, verified identity-based authentication where needed and reduces the friction associated with filling out forms or remembering usernames and passwords. BlockID combines strong authentication, indisputable identity proofing and advanced biometrics.

Key features of the PIP include:

  • Organic adoption – A passwordless QR code is placed on the same login page as the conventional username and password to give users a choice of when to go passwordless.
  • Reset assurance – 1Kosmos includes a biometric reset feature, so forgotten passwords are no longer an issue. The user can reset using live biometrics, device biometrics, push or via one-time password (OTP), rather than remembering various passwords for seldom used services.
  • License flexibility – As users see the value in going passwordless and the adoption increases, the PIP remains flexible. 1Kosmos has packaged the solution so enterprises can buy all the planning, integration and user licenses for the first year.

1Kosmos’ PIP reduces the implementation time and cost of passwordless adoption for organizations. The cloud-based deployment takes under one week and users can have the option to choose two target systems to try passwordless, like Windows, SSO or any other system of their choice.

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