Skybox Security enables proactive vulnerability remediation across hybrid environments

Skybox Security announced new vulnerability prioritization capabilities with prescriptive remediation analysis. Customers can now zero in on specific remediation options that have the greatest impact on reducing exposure to cybersecurity attacks.

The new capabilities are the first in a series of upcoming innovations that automate risk scoring and remediation across complex hybrid environments.

“In an ideal world, remediation happens as soon as an exposure is discovered. Skybox is making this possible,” said Gidi Cohen, CEO and founder, Skybox Security. “No other security software offering is able to provide the comprehensive and accurate prioritization, exposure analysis, and remediation options that Skybox does. Security leaders can now make better decisions faster.”

This latest release makes vulnerability management more precise and efficient by presenting numerous remediation alternatives beyond patching. Available now, Skybox identifies remediation options to pinpoint the best course of action. This innovation advances Skybox’s mission to proactively secure complex hybrid and multi-cloud networks through a single platform approach to security policy management and vulnerability and threat management.

Large enterprises are contending with millions of vulnerabilities. The average time to remediate a vulnerability is 85 days. However, research shows that 14% of exploits are published before patches are available, and 80% of public exploits are published before the CVE is published. That is no longer acceptable given today’s dynamic emerging environments and widespread, reoccurring corporate breaches.

Advancing beyond the traditional scan-and-patch tactic, Skybox identifies the remediation solutions that will fix the highest number of vulnerability occurrences and address exposed assets that are most likely to be exploited. Available now, remediation options include applying IPS signatures, firewall rules, security tags, configuration changes to network and security devices, software updates, and patches across vulnerable assets.

Powering the multidimensional network model

Skybox continues to enrich its multidimensional network model through new integrations across leading hardware and software partners based on customers’ needs. The latest release includes new integrations with Claroty and VMware NSX-T, as well as extended capabilities for F5 Networks Big-IP and the Arista Networks Extensible Operating System (EOS).

The new Skybox connectors advance security posture management across disparate environments, including operational technology (OT), Internet of Things (IoT) devices, software-defined data centers, SD-WAN, and other cloud services.

Advancing exposure analysis with new data-driven capabilities

The Skybox Security Posture Management Platform is an automated and unique vendor-agnostic solution that identifies and remediates threats across complex environments from a single view. The new features build on the exposure analysis that identifies exploitable vulnerabilities and correlates to network configuration and security control data. This approach is distinctive to Skybox.

“Focusing on the top 1% of ‘perfect storm’ vulnerabilities has been a game-changer that makes the most out of security resources,” said Craig Ashwood, managing director, Orca Tech. “Enterprise-wide discovery means fewer silos, so CISOs sleep better at night.”

The latest release is available now.

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