Technical certifications demand growing, most IT employees have at least one

Technical certifications are increasingly in demand with 87% of IT employees possessing at least one and 40% pursuing their next. According to Questionmark, certification bodies must ensure they can quickly deliver, and robustly assess, their programs to meet new levels of demand.

technical certifications demand

With the rapid advancement of workplace tech over the last year, 75% of IT decision makers are struggling to find the skills they need to meet new challenges. Certifications can help equip workers with new skills and enable employers to retain the best staff.

Technical certifications provide benefits for employers and workers

  • 65% of IT solutions providers agree that having certified staff generates more business.
  • 94% of IT decision makers worldwide say that certified team members provide above and beyond the cost of certifications.
  • 61% of companies noticed the economic benefit to them of having certified individuals was greater than US$10,000 per annum per certified person.
  • 67% of workers agree that getting certified has increased their ability to solve problems.

technical certifications demand

John Kleeman, Executive Director of Questionmark, said: “Research shows that adding certified people to teams increases revenue. With the advantages of certifications increasingly clear to employers and individuals, future demand is likely to be greater than ever before.

“To take advantage of this demand, certification bodies must be able to deliver, and robustly assess, their programs at speed and scale.”

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