Tier 1 communications group chooses Allot to protect their customers from cyberthreats

Allot announced that a Tier 1 communications group headquartered in Europe, with operating units in the EU and North America, has signed an agreement with Allot to enable their operating units to offer cybersecurity services to their consumer and small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers based on Allot’s HomeSecure, BusinessSecure, and an endpoint security application.

The engagement between Allot and the group is based on a recurring monthly fee derived from the actual number of subscribers using the cyber security solution.

Allot HomeSecure provides security for home IoT, smart appliances, and the devices connected to the home network. It integrates into the existing home router with the addition of a thin software client that provides home network visibility, cybersecurity and parental controls without the need for any configuration by the consumer. Allot HomeSecure uses AI to identify and profile connected home devices and to detect and act upon anomalous device behavior.

Allot BusinessSecure provides security for the devices connected to the business network including IoT and smart appliances. It provides network visibility, cybersecurity and content controls. The solution also protects the router itself from security vulnerabilities, using password strength enforcement, port analysis and protection, and unauthorized access controls.

“We are looking forward to building a strong partnership with the communications group and to supporting them throughout this journey by sharing our experience in providing and selling security services to consumer and SMB customers,” said Assaf Eyal, SVP Global Sales at Allot.

Each operating unit in the group may decide independently to launch cybersecurity services based on Allot Secure solutions. The initial launch will be in one of the EU operational units.

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