SecPod SanerNow 5.0 extends vulnerability assessment capabilities to network infrastructure

SecPod announced that it has extended its vulnerability management capabilities to the whole network infrastructure through its latest product release, SanerNow 5.0. With this new release, SanerNow is an all-encompassing vulnerability and patch management solution and is more competitively positioned in the vulnerability assessment market.

“SanerNow 5.0 is a fully-fledged vulnerability assessment and patch management solution that is entirely SCAP compliant, with full transparency and security automation,” said Chandra Basavanna, CEO, SecPod. “Through a distributed hub and spoke model that utilizes existing devices to become network scanners, companies will save additional investments in appliances or hardware by continuously distributing scanning responsibilities across devices – all without impacting productivity.”

The SanerNow cyberhygiene platform’s network scanning capabilities provide businesses with a 360-degree view of their vulnerability exposure within hybrid IT infrastructures. As a leading SCAP feed vendor, SecPod hosts more than 130,000 security checks, supporting both endpoints and network hemispheres. By leveraging its internally managed vulnerability database, SanerNow performs the fastest vulnerability scans, assesses and prioritizes vulnerabilities, and remediates them using its integrated patch management technique.

Key capabilities of SanerNow 5.0 integrated vulnerability and patch management release:

  • Vulnerability and configuration assessment across all IP enabled devices in the IT infrastructure
  • Industry’s fastest, automated, and continuous vulnerability scans on all endpoints and network devices
  • Accurate vulnerability detection powered by the world’s largest SCAP based security checks
  • Timely vulnerability remediation with integrated patch management
  • Automated patch management for all OSs and third-party applications
  • Remote vulnerability management from cloud-based servers
  • Light-weight, multifunctional agent to execute all functions
  • Multi-tenant scalable architecture with no additional investment
  • Supports all major OS platforms including Windows, MAC, and Linux

This latest 5.0 release from SanerNow comes with other enhancements as well, bringing an overall improvement in SanerNow’s performance.

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