IronNet Cybersecurity expands support for detecting cyber attacks in Microsoft Azure

IronNet Cybersecurity announced expanded support for detecting and preventing cyber attacks in Microsoft Azure. As a Microsoft partner, IronNet and its Collective Defense platform provide support that enables its Microsoft customers to execute safe and seamless migrations to the cloud amidst the aggressive volume and increasing sophistication of cyber threats.

IronNet’s Collective Defense platform includes IronDefense, for network detection and response (NDR), and IronDome, which shares anonymized threat data in real time within a secure community ecosystem — providing community members with a new level of visibility into potential incoming threats.

Through a bi-directional integration between IronNet’s network detection and response (NDR) solution, IronDefense, and Microsoft Azure Sentinel (SIEM), customers can create investigations and/or response workflows within Azure Sentinel on threats targeting Azure infrastructure.

IronNet also released its Azure cloud sensor, which brings enhanced NDR capabilities to Azure IaaS environments. This sensor allows enterprises to monitor network traffic, apply advanced behavioral analysis, and capture full PCAP for forensic analysis.

In addition, IronNet has developed an integration with Microsoft 365. Through Microsoft 365 Audit Logs, IronDefense provides actionable insights on anomalies and behaviors indicating malicious activity. By correlating these behavioral detections within IronDome, IronNet gives customers the ability to identify common threats across participants. Using Microsoft 365 combined with network based detections gives customers critical insights on advanced threats leveraging multiple vectors.

ITC Secure, a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), applies IronNet’s IronDefense NDR capabilities to ensure the reliability and security of its Azure infrastructure amidst the increasing danger of cyber attacks. In addition, with IronNet’s Collective Defense capabilities running across its entire network, ITC is able to detect and respond to anomalous behavior and potential threats in real-time to better protect both itself and its customers.

“IronNet’s Collective Defense solution goes above and beyond traditional cybersecurity systems,” said Arno Robbertse, CEO of ITC Secure. “It gives us the support and resources we need to accelerate the protection of our Microsoft Azure infrastructure against highly sophisticated and otherwise undetectable attacks. Our analysts are able to bridge visibility gaps through a holistic approach to cyber defense with early and real-time threat detection.”

“As companies continue to host more of their core business functions and data in the cloud, hackers will keep innovating to target these environments. IronNet recognizes the importance of providing best-in-class cyber defense resources for Microsoft Azure users,” said Bill Welch, Co-CEO of IronNet. “Our latest developments help companies maximize the protection of their on-premise and cloud networks to protect themselves and their customers from malicious attacks.”

“We are pleased to see companies like IronNet add value by integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure,” said Scott Woodgate, senior director of marketing, Azure Security, Microsoft. “As cyberattacks continue to impact private and public sector organizations, including those in critical infrastructure, our mutual customers rely on proactive solutions from cybersecurity companies like IronNet to help protect their core business operations.”

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