Audiomack launches Bug Bounty program on Bugcrowd platform to strengthen its security

Bugcrowd announced Audiomack, a free music sharing and discovery platform, is launching a public Bug Bounty program to strengthen the security of its internet-connected assets.

The program enables Audiomack to leverage the expertise of the Crowd, a global network of on-demand security researchers, who continuously uncover vulnerabilities that today’s best tools would otherwise miss.

Audiomack has also operated a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) through the Bugcrowd platform over the last year, helping them streamline the process of triaging and validating potential issues so that they can focus their security efforts on remediation.

“The Bugcrowd VDP has helped us filter out the noise of duplicate submissions, prioritise valid vulnerabilities, and gain critical insight into our previously unknown areas of risk,” said Sean Coker, Director of Engineering, Audiomack.

“We are now expanding our partnership to include all researchers on the Bugcrowd platform with a pay-for-results model that attracts a wider variety of testing skills and niche experiences, helping us to find and fix critical security gaps before they can be exploited.”

With the recent surge of cyberattacks, companies across all industries are finding it increasingly challenging to identify vulnerabilities before bad actors. According to vulnerability data collected by the Bugcrowd platform during 2020, one out of five valid vulnerabilities is now of critical or high severity, with a 73% increase in both of these categories between 2019 and 2020.

“The pairing of Bugcrowd VDP and Bug Bounty exemplifies the security-first approach Audiomack is taking to ensure continuous and context-aware visibility of their exposure potential,” said Ashish Gupta, CEO, Bugcrowd.

“Our crowdsourced Bug Bounty program is a vital safeguard for evolving businesses seeking to reduce their risk of breach, ransomware attacks or reputation damage, and will be pivotal in helping Audiomack protect its users with a proactive approach to cybersecurity.”

This new investment in Bugcrowd Bug Bounty now enables Audiomack to reward trusted security researchers for continuously—and competitively—applying their unique expertise to strengthen the music sharing website’s existing cybersecurity practices.

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