SnapLogic Flows enables non-technical business teams to build integrations and automations

SnapLogic released the latest version of its SnapLogic Flows solution. SnapLogic Flows allows teams in departments such as sales, marketing, finance, and HR to build new integrations and automations themselves that support their daily operations, solve their most pressing business needs, and speed up time-to-market and results.

“Business users want self-service tools to get their hands on timely critical data and be able to act fast to deliver results. Our new Flows capability empowers these business users to build what they need to succeed without ever needing to learn how to code, or having to wait until IT has the time to assist,” said Mark Gibbs, VP of Product Management at SnapLogic. “It is also important to ensure that companies embracing a no-code approach do not lose control and oversight of what is created. Flows meets the needs of both groups through a federated approach, with business teams being able to create their own integrations and automations, and IT retaining visibility and governance.”

“We’re striving to get to the self-service model so that we can offer it as often as we can to users, but in a governed way,” said Lee Slezak, VP of IT Architecture, Emerging Technology & Analytics at Tyson Foods. “There is a proliferation of tools that can cater to business users and sales practices, but they all work around IT, which always puts us in a pinch. We see SnapLogic’s direction as different, and we’re very interested in the SnapLogic Flows interface approach to deliver self-service for users, while enabling central IT control. This is a key area for us.”

“To accelerate our innovation and go-to-market initiatives, it’s critical that we enable our business teams across the enterprise with easy to use, self-service technologies that allow them to connect the systems they use and access the data they need, without relying on IT,” said Giselle Rayner, Senior Business Intelligence Manager at Dexcom. “SnapLogic Flows – with its intuitive no-code interface and guided user experience – is a key enabler towards that goal.”

Accelerating line of business success

SnapLogic Flows has been engineered and purpose-built to assist business users to integrate the enterprise systems and automate the processes that enable them to do their best work.

SnapLogic Flows helps marketing and sales teams to build integrations and automations that grow their prospect pipeline; capture, manage, and route leads; and analyze and report out on campaigns. With Flows, users can automate business processes across common marketing and sales apps – such as Salesforce, Marketo, Google Sheets, and Slack – to accelerate user productivity and business results.

Marketing Ops and Sales Ops personnel can automate repetitive and mundane tasks such as lead upload from a field event or content syndication to Salesforce or Marketo, keep contacts synchronized between these core systems, or get notified via email or Slack whenever information about a customer contact is updated.

In addition, new support has been added for ServiceNow and Microsoft Sharepoint that enables fast and simple automations for creating, managing, and getting notified on service tickets; creating shared workspaces for campaigns; and managing content in these spaces for increasingly distributed teams, and more.

Ensuring IT oversight and governance

SnapLogic Flows increases productivity across all business units in the enterprise, using a guided approach to connecting cloud or on-premises applications and data. Its modern, intuitive interface and approach, including features such as in-app documentation and intelligent defaults, eliminates manual interactions and improves productivity by preventing users from losing their context by having to search for answers in another system.

Flows also enables IT to step away from the core development of these solutions, but gives them the ability to add requirements and guardrails for non-technical developers, letting them still oversee and govern what is developed before it is pushed to production.

Flows removes the mundane, repetitive development tasks from IT workflows, but still enables teams to retain the oversight necessary to ensure the right people have access to automations for specific enterprise systems, and that dangerous or problematic code does not go live and open up the company to misconfigurations, broken functionality, or security issues. Flows provides business users with autonomy while still allowing IT to maintain organizational governance standards.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that traditional iPaaS platforms are evolving to support this next generation of business operations,” said Jim Lundy, Lead analyst and CEO of Aragon Research. “To support new digital business models and empower increased agility, organizations are transforming to automate both processes and technologies, and SnapLogic’s Flows interface is an important step in helping organizations realize this evolution.”

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