ProLion ClusterLion for SAP now available on Azure Marketplace

ProLion launched its ClusterLion for SAP on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. ProLion customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management for the first time.

ProLion ClusterLion for SAP HANA delivers availability for SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver, developed to implement automatic takeover, and deliver the highest degree of availability for SAP HANA environments. ClusterLion for SAP offers the highest degree of availability and ensures data consistency at all times.

Robert Graf, Founder, ProLion, stated: “ClusterLion for SAP provides organizations with a purely software-based solution that permanently monitors all critical SAP services and increases infrastructure availability. If services are suddenly affected by an outage it is immediately detected and ClusterLion reacts accordingly.

“The availability of our ClusterLion solution in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace today enables us to offer these key benefits to a wider range of organizations, significantly reducing complexity and cost by eliminating the need for complex Linux clustering.”

Critical services like SAP need always-on availability. ProLion monitors affected clusters and ensures automatic takeover for SAP Hana databases and SAP Netweaver application servers.

ProLion offers the lowest TCO and extreme simplicity with deployment and management. There is no need for a 3rd Data Centre, shared storage or complex cluster setups and associated maintenance costs.

SAP is the backbone of many companies across several industries including manufacturing, retail, and transport & logistics. Many of these businesses run 24/7 and therefore require Always-On Availability.

To ensure this business continuity, systems and data are replicated in a second data centre or between different availability zones and can be quickly restored should a crash occur. To enable this, cluster solutions are employed – a process that is both expensive and complex. This complexity is compounded by what is known as split-brain syndrome.

In many cases a 3rd data centre is set up to host a voting device that removes some of the split-brain complications.

ClusterLion for SAP is a cloud-based quorum that analyses and correlates the status from both sides. If a failure is detected that requires a takeover, ClusterLion shuts down the primary side, establishes data consistency, and then initiates the takeover process.

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