Hillstone Networks iSource helps customers maintain their security posture

Hillstone Network introduced iSource, an XDR (extended threat response) solution.

Hillstone Networks iSource

“iSource is groundbreaking and literally embodies our mantra and vision of helping our customers ‘see, understand, and act’ on threats,” said Tim Liu, co-founder & CTO, Hillstone Networks. “iSource allows you to comprehensively see by connecting all devices through its centralized management capability; understand through its ML-enhanced threat correlation analysis engine; and act using its cyber kill chain methodology. The end result is a more efficient security operation that delivers intelligence, simplicity and peace of mind.”

Today’s enterprises deal with a boundless threat attack surface filled with multi-layer and multi-stage threats. The iSource XDR platform aggregates data from various infrastructure protection products, sifts through the low-confidence risk assessments using its correlation analysis engine, then generates one unified high-confidence actionable report.

Using this report, iSource will implement a cyber kill chain for remediation via customizable playbooks or pre-established templates. Ultimately, through its three-stage process, iSource determines which threats require immediate attention and acts accordingly if asked to do so.

Key features of iSource include:

  • 360° visibility: A deep and wide view into multiple security layers for extended, expanded detection and response across endpoints, servers, services, networks, and cloud to determine first point of entry, threat origination, threat path (kill chain), and associated users and devices.
  • Actionable insights: All heterogeneous data across the infrastructure is normalized in a big data platform where active, deep analysis is conducted with a purpose-built AI/ML engine to drive faster and more accurate detection.
  • Streamlined security operations: After data aggregation and analysis, automated responses can be delineated via playbooks or templates to integrated security products and services.

iSource leverages Hillstone Networks’ ML-enhanced engine to perform deeper threat analysis and implement threat hunting with increased efficiency, and at a better price performance. It offers advanced threat intelligence, a complete data collection platform including 3rd party devices, as well as the ability to support 3rd party devices as an enforcement point with no vendor lock in.

With 20,000 global customers, Hillstone Networks has established a reputation of “security that works.” Its intuitive product suite includes NGFW, breach detection, SD-WAN as well as VM and cloud security. Hillstone Networks has won numerous industry awards including being named to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls for seven consecutive years and counting.

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