Tanium collaborates with Deep Instinct to strengthen endpoint security for organizations

Tanium announced a partnership with Deep Instinct, offering organizations around the globe the ability to evolve endpoint security and scale to meet the needs of enterprises, by improving the prevention of unknown malware before it executes and infects endpoints and IT environments.

Tanium Deep Instinct

Together, Tanium and Deep Instinct ensure that organizations have complete endpoint coverage while strengthening their overall security posture.

“With the average cost of a breach incident now topping $9 million, organizations require complete visibility to prevent, detect, and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks,” said Orion Hindawi, co-founder and CEO, Tanium. “We enable organizations to manage every endpoint within an IT environment in seconds – no matter where it sits. We partnered with Deep Instinct to provide organizations with a true end-to-end security solution that addresses the needs of enterprises across the entire endpoint security lifecycle.”

With this partnership, the Deep Instinct Prevention Platform will be integrated into Tanium’s Threat Response solution to provide joint customers with an increased ability to predict and prevent cyberthreats. Additionally, Tanium will identify endpoints where Deep Instinct is not installed and take action to deploy the agent.

“Nearly half of the Fortune 100, including top retailers and financial institutions, trust Tanium to help see and control every endpoint, everywhere. They understand the importance and need for an integrated preventive solution that can be easily scaled,” said Guy Caspi, co-founder and CEO, Deep Instinct. “The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform meets this requirement and is an excellent fit for our combined offering, which ensures that organizations are better protected and spend less time chasing false-positive alerts, creating more strategic bandwidth for IT teams. The combination of Tanium and Deep Instinct delivers a transformational approach to endpoint security.”

Organizations who leverage the integrated Threat Response solution will benefit in multiple ways, including the following:

  • Pre-execution prevention enabled by deep learning to stop known, unknown, and zero-day threats early in the kill chain, eliminating or reducing incident response time;
  • Full-lifecycle security optimized for endpoints that addresses effectiveness, hygiene, and manageability;
  • Increased ROI across SecOps by virtually eliminating the number of attacks that an organization will need to detect and respond to post-execution;
  • Reduction in false positives.

“The strategic alliance between Tanium and Deep Instinct provides a robust, proactive, and prevention-first approach to combating an exponentially increasing threat landscape. This gives IT operations, security, and risk teams the confidence to manage, secure, and protect their endpoints at speed and scale,” said Michael Suby, Security & Trust, Research VP, at analyst firm IDC. “For Tanium enterprise and government customers, this integration can deliver multiple business benefits in streamlining endpoint management and security operations, reducing workloads, and improving IT hygiene.”

The combined endpoint security lifecycle offering, which unites Tanium’s real-time visibility and control with Deep Instinct’s deep learning-driven prevention capabilities, and are both autonomous and operational offline, is available to organizations of all sizes and industries.

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