Stratodesk NoTouch LTS helps IT teams ensure their VDI/DaaS deployment

Stratodesk released Stratodesk NoTouch Long Term Support (LTS), delivering security and Day One updates including the features enterprises need within their secure digital perimeter to ensure ongoing productivity without the need for full production approval testing.

Stratodesk NoTouch LTS

“Stratodesk NoTouch LTS allows for much quicker reaction to security threats and delivers unbridled flexibility to enterprise IT deployments,” says Stratodesk Founder and CEO Emanuel Pirker. “With rising security threats, such as the current Log4Shell issue, distributed teams, remote work and the return to work, IT teams face more hurdles than ever in ensuring virtual desktops and cloud environments are optimized and resilient. Stratodesk NoTouch LTS helps IT teams ensure their VDI/DaaS deployment has the most important updates from the leading VDI/DaaS solution providers, without the unnecessary challenge of tedious testing processes that create complexity and bog down operations.”

Stratodesk NoTouch Center and Stratodesk NoTouch OS together are the leading thin client endpoint software letting organizations transform any PC, thin client, laptop or Raspberry Pi device into a secure and centrally managed VDI/DaaS endpoint.

Stratodesk NoTouch is a proven endpoint software for Citrix, Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365, Nutanix deployments and VMware Horizon, as well as many others – on-premises or Cloud. With its minimal hardware requirements, simplified deployment and ease of operation, customers save big by eliminating hardware refreshes, licensing of third-party software, and work hours.

The addition of Stratodesk’s NoTouch LTS to the NoTouch suite of solutions brings greater control to enterprise IT departments responsible for managing and efficiently updating from thousands to tens of thousands computing devices distributed across multiple locations.

Thanks to the rapid rise of cyber attacks brought on by the pandemic, modern enterprises need easy access to vital security updates. In fact, according to a study conducted by Tripwire, one in three IT professionals (34%) admitted that their organization had been breached as a result of an unpatched vulnerability.

For this reason, modern enterprises require a flexible approach to client systems deployment. Stratodesk’s NoTouch features and Long Term Support program delivers the user experience employees need to stay productive anywhere in the world while making it easy for IT departments to deploy and manage a stable, efficient EUC infrastructure that suits enterprise business needs.

“Stratodesk is the only company currently offering an LTS build that is this flexible,” continues Pirker. “Saying it is anything less than a game changer would be an understatement. Stratodesk NoTouch LTS will open the door to countless enterprises keeping them seamlessly up to date and on the cutting edge side of the EUC community.”

Pricing and availability

Stratodesk NoTouch LTS is available to customers with active Stratodesk Gold and Platinum support subscriptions at no added cost.

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