HUB Security Docker Digital Twin authenticates and verifies incoming Docker traffic

HUB Security announced its Docker Digital Twin product to protect, authenticate, and verify traffic created by Docker, a highly used platform for package containment.

HUB Security Docker Digital Twin

The HUB Security Docker Digital Twin enforces access control and provides governance processes, such as approvals for sensitive actions, on incoming Docker traffic. It blocks attack vectors involving the loss or theft of credentials, vulnerabilities, and unauthorized access.

Docker creates virtual containers (called packages) that allow applications and their dependencies to run seamlessly on any operating system. It is used by some 55% of professional developers daily and is the leading solution for cloud-based SaaS platforms.

It is also ubiquitous in large enterprises, financial institutions, and public clouds, as well as defense equipment, servers, and data centers. Docker packages, because of their extensive use, are often the target of cyber security threats from hackers.

“We want to create a seamless experience for our customers when it comes to security,” said Andrey Iaremenko, HUB Security’s CTO. “Our new system enables multi-layered security processes for the entire compute stack with Docker being part of it. The solution is also future proof, meaning clients can rest assured for years that their systems are safe and secured.”

The Docker Digital Twin solution will be incorporated into existing HUB Security technology without changing existing operational controls and services. The product’s complete remote update capabilities will provide full support for any and all Docker versions and security capabilities.

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