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quantum computing
Adapting cybersecurity for the quantum computing era

Researchers are exploring promising quantum computing applications across various domains, from cryptography and optimization problems to drug discovery and artificial …

Help Net Security
HUB Security raises up to $16 million to fuel technology development

HUB Security entered into an agreement for up to $16 million in gross proceeds from Lind Global Asset Management VI LLC, an investment entity managed by The Lind Partners, a …

The threat of quantum computing to sensitive data

According to the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center, the U.S. is in a global quantum computing race, and China is winning. One emerging technology that could …

HUB Security collaborates with TestArmy to offer cyber solutions for the European market

HUB Security announced it has signed a strategic partnership with TestArmy to offer HUB Security’s Advanced DDoS Simulation Platform – D.Storm. HUB Security will …

HUB Security collaborates with Enlitic to secure data for healthcare providers

HUB Security announced a partnership with Enlitic to secure health data in AI-driven applications across healthcare so clinicians can make faster and more accurate diagnoses. …

Ido Helshtock
When it comes to banking security, there’s no silver bullet

In this interview with Help Net Security, Ido Helshtock, Chief Product Officer at HUB Security, talks about banking security, the most common vulnerabilities, and what banks …

HUB Security provides quantum security solution for Israeli Ministry of Defense

HUB Security will provide the Israeli Ministry of Defense with a new quantum security solution for the protection of sensitive information in a cloud environment. The company …

security platform
HUB Security Docker Digital Twin authenticates and verifies incoming Docker traffic

HUB Security announced its Docker Digital Twin product to protect, authenticate, and verify traffic created by Docker, a highly used platform for package containment. The HUB …

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