Tanium expands partnership With vArmour to address key CISA guidelines on threat prevention

Tanium announced an expansion to its partnership with vArmour, a provider of Application Relationship Management software.

Tanium vArmour

Through an enhanced integration, Tanium and vArmour now provide customers with important tools to address key CISA guidelines on threat prevention in the wake of the Log4j vulnerability.

“The widespread use of Log4j across businesses reinforced that IT environments are only as secure as the most vulnerable endpoints within them – and being able to see into every endpoint within seconds is essential to securing the modern IT estate,” said Tanium Americas Chief Information Security Officer Chris Hallenbeck. “With the FTC preparing to take legal action against organizations that fail to secure enterprise data, making real-time, actionable security possible has become more important than ever.”

The continued growth and increasing complexity of application and data center environments has made it difficult to identify and remediate issues including the recently identified Log4j vulnerability. Its discovery marks another example of third and fourth party systemic risks that exists for organizations, in addition to other 2021 attacks including SolarWinds and Microsoft’s PrintNightmare.

To simplify the process and help organizations adhere to pressing FTC and CISA guidelines, Tanium technology works quickly to identify Log4j on an endpoint, enabling vArmour to swiftly provide a comprehensive view of its dependencies and vulnerabilities across the entire enterprise. The additional integration with vArmour helps businesses use Tanium Platform to execute long-term defense against Log4j and similar vulnerabilities through joint visibility, actionable observability, and enforcement.

“The continuing damage caused by the Log4j security vulnerability is further proof that even the most innocuous, prolific components – found on billions of devices and popular source code and applications – can be threat vectors and that visibility and control are key to securing enterprise IT and security environments,” said Kate Kuehn, Senior Vice President of Alliances at vArmour. “vArmour and Tanium’s partnership enhancements put threats back on the radar with actionable observability and real-time policy control, reducing the risks associated with Log4j and similar vulnerabilities.”

Together, Tanium and vArmour provide increased visibility and actionable observability into the relationships within IT environments to combat external threats, mitigate risks and increase business resilience. The new integration brings new telemetry and insights into vArmour, enriching the context and extending the reach of application visibility and control across the enterprise.

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