Zoho Workplace achieves substantial growth amidst the ongoing migration from competitor suites

Zoho Corporation announced that its collaboration and communications platform, Workplace, now serves more than 16 million users globally.

Zoho Corporation Workplace

This is a result of consecutive years of growth and increased migrations from competitor suites such as Google.

In fact, within days of Google‘s announcement that it would be ending the free edition of Workspace in January 2022, Zoho’s Workplace platform experienced a 120 per cent increase in migrations from Google-hosted domains. Demand for Workplace has also been driven by the harsh realities of the pandemic, which continues to impact the growth and revenue of businesses globally. Unforeseen hikes in operational costs to support collaboration is making it more difficult for these businesses to recover and thrive.

In 2021, Zoho Workplace experienced 34 per cent year-on-year growth, with more than 40 per cent of the new migrations coming from Google and Microsoft. Momentum was strong across all segments, with the SMB customer base increasing 40 per cent, Mid-Sized surging 36 per cent, and Enterprises expanding by more than 20 per cent.

The company attributes this substantial growth to increasing business demand for contextual applications with utmost standards for user privacy as well as rising costs from other collaboration platform providers. Since the start of the pandemic, Zoho Workplace adoption has accelerated as businesses of all sizes transitioned to digital-forward, remote work.

Thomas Randall, Senior Research Analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, commented: “Zoho is unique amongst its productivity suite competitors for not rolling out a cost increase for 2022, nor removing their freemium offerings. Other providers have justified price add-ons and increases to reflect the additional value they believe their customers have received over the pandemic for using their tools.

“Yet freemium offerings and price consistency have been central for many customers and businesses to stay afloat during lockdowns. Now that such offerings are in short supply, Zoho will likely see increased demand for their Workplace services as customers seek strong ROI for productivity and collaboration software.”

Sridhar Iyengar, Managing Director, Zoho Europe, commented: “Persistent long term execution has been a hallmark of Zoho, and our investment in Zoho Workplace attests to that. The market has seen vendors offering hundreds of seats for free to gain market share and eventually pulling the plug. All along, Zoho Workplace has been consistent in delivering customer value and continued high speed of innovation. Our ad-free approach and respect towards user privacy will be a pleasant surprise to users coming from alternative ‘free’ services.”


Zoho Workplace is available in three editions: Standard is £2.40 per user per month. Premium is £4.80 per user per month. Zoho Mail is £0.80 per user per month.

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