Paul Caiazzo joins SnapAttack as Chief Growth Officer

SnapAttack announced the expansion of their leadership team through the appointment of Paul Caiazzo as Chief Growth Officer.

SnapAttack Paul Caiazzo

At SnapAttack, Caiazzo will be responsible for growing community adoption, customers, brand awareness and revenues.

“We are thrilled to welcome Paul to the SnapAttack team. Unlike organic startups, SnapAttack originated as a spinout from Booz Allen Hamilton, requiring an uplift in the sales and marketing processes as a stand-alone company and brand,” said Peter Prizio, CEO, SnapAttack. “Paul’s expertise in security coupled with his previous business-focused executive roles founding and growing startups was a standout. Paul balances out our team’s deep technical skillset with a more customer-centric viewpoint, which will be critical for helping us advance SnapAttack in the market and continue to accelerate company growth.”

Caiazzo has decades of security expertise, business acumen and a proven track record in leading and growing startup organizations through rapid growth periods and successful exits. He has served in both CEO and CISO roles, focusing on expanding customer relationships, brand recognition and ultimately revenue growth, all while managing the security of a large Managed Security Services Provider.

Prior to joining SnapAttack, Caiazzo served as the CISO and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Avertium. Prior to Avertium, Caiazzo was the Co-Founder and CEO of TruShield Security Solutions. Caiazzo brings a unique perspective blending startup growth with subject matter expertise.

“I am thrilled to rejoin the early-stage startup world and take on a new challenge with SnapAttack. During my time as a security professional, I witnessed firsthand how a lack of collaboration between intel, offensive and defensive teams can slow down a Security Operations Center and lead to blind spots,” Caiazzo said.

“What compelled me to SnapAttack was knowing that I could connect my peers and other industry professionals with a solution that can actually make a difference and improve the overall effectiveness of security operations. SnapAttack is revolutionizing how enterprises defend against attacks and I am honored to be a part of a team that will make such a significant impact on the greater cybersecurity community.”

SnapAttack is a platform focused on building hands-on collaboration between red and blue teams in a way that is unique in the industry. SnapAttack is security-first and led by security professionals with decades of combined experience across the array of security disciplines. SnapAttack recently announced the availability of Community Edition, a free of charge, open platform that gives threat intel analysts, red teams, detection engineers and threat hunters an operational platform to accelerate the maturity of security operations.

The Community Edition platform provides members with access to the full-featured, core components of the SnapAttack platform, allowing them to share actionable threat intelligence data and create vendor-agnostic detection analytics.

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