Data I/O partners with NXP Semiconductors and Avnet Silica to enable supply chain integrity

Data I/O, NXP Semiconductors and Avnet Silica have collaborated to support NXP’s LPC55S6x series Arm Cortex M33 based microcontroller using Data I/O’s SentriX security deployment platform.

Data I/O NXP Semiconductors Avnet Silica

The collaboration enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) designing mass-market IoT edge devices to simplify the deployment of IoT security using Data I/O’s SentriX Product Creator software tool.

Industrial OEMs are deploying connected IoT devices for edge computing applications to drive new business models. At the same time, IoT security is becoming increasingly important to protect the software, services and intellectual property (IP) associated with these new revenue streams. Designing IoT products with hardware-based security provides the most robust protection. Historically, defining and deploying IoT device security in mass production has been complex and required disparate tools and processes.

The SentriX Product Creator tool simplifies IoT security by delivering pre-configured security deployment profiles for the most popular IoT use cases such as device identity, cloud onboarding, secure boot, firmware encryption, mutual authentication and more. The SentriX Product Creator pre-configured profiles present the most popular security features of the LPC55S6x MCU series in an easy-to-use interface, which minimizes OEM development cost and time and eliminates mass production obstacles.

The OEM’s device security product definition and OEM secrets are secured and transferred for device provisioning to a secure programming facility. The combination of Data I/O’s SentriX platform, NXP’s LPC55S6x MCU series, and Avnet Silica’s Security Provisioning Service delivers hardware-based security that is flexible and scalable for the mass market.

“As the market for low-cost IoT edge devices expands, OEMs need a simplified process to define and deploy hardware-based security definitions into products during manufacturing. We are excited to collaborate with NXP to support the LPC55S6x MCU series on the SentriX platform” said Michael Tidwell, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Data I/O Corporation. “The SentriX security deployment platform enables OEMs to easily define security profiles and provision LPC55S6x MCUs at the chip level before shipping the device to the manufacturing line for board assembly. Because the SentriX platform supports a large number of security use cases and is scalable, this capability is available to OEMs with low volume but is also cost-effective for high-volume production.”

“The LPC55S6x MCU family, part of the NXP’s EdgeVerse computing platform, is designed to power mass-market edge applications across IoT, industrial and consumer markets,” said Cristiano Castello, Senior Director Product Innovation for MCUs, Edge Processing, at NXP Semiconductors. “Our collaboration with Data I/O and Avnet Silica enables our customers to leverage the extensive security features of the LPC55S6x MCU series. SentriX Product Creator enables our OEM customers to more easily define and build hardware-based security into their products for mass production.”

“We are excited to partner with Data I/O to introduce support for the LPC55S6x MCU series on the Avnet Silica Provisioning Service,” said Romain Tesniere, BDM Solution Sales – Connectivity & Security at Avnet Silica. “Our customers are using the security capability in the LPC55S6x MCU to protect accessory revenue and enable supply chain integrity with our secure electronics manufacturing services. The SentriX Product Creator simplifies the security use case definition process and streamlines the provisioning process from design to production.”

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