Nebulon extends 4-minute ransomware recovery for 2-node management clusters on Dell PowerEdge servers

Nebulon announced support for 2-node management clusters on Dell PowerEdge servers with its 4-minute ransomware recovery solution, Nebulon TimeJump.

Nebulon 4-minute ransomware recovery

Nebulon provides enterprises with a 2-node alternative for their management infrastructure with near-instant recovery capabilities that occupies a 33% smaller footprint as compared to 3-node-minimum hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, which also take hours or even days to fully recover from ransomware attacks.

Many medium-sized organizations rely on small management infrastructure clusters—with services such as PXE, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, NTP, Radius, VPN and license servers—to quickly recover their production application environment from a ransomware attack. However, since that infrastructure is on a network, it can be compromised by ransomware, malware or wiper attacks, delaying recovery of the production environment by hours or even days.

By extending the TimeJump 4-minute ransomware recovery solution to support Dell PowerEdge-based 2-node management clusters, Nebulon quickly restores the management infrastructure back online, a necessary requirement for recovering production systems.

To achieve this, TimeJump protects both the operating system and application data, which avoids the manual rebuild of servers and operating systems, saving organizations precious time. In addition, Nebulon data security software operates in an isolated domain within the server, thereby protecting critical data even if the management servers are infected.

With Nebulon TimeJump, users have access to the first and only combined server and storage solution to deliver 4-minute ransomware recovery solution on the market. They also can now deploy ransomware protection for small, 2-node management infrastructure clusters, reducing server purchases, data center space, power and cooling costs by 33% as compared to the 3-node requirements of HCI.

Cybersecurity and protection from ransomware attack is a core aspect of Nebulon smartInfrastructure. Nebulon ON, the smartInfrastructure cloud control plane, uses mandatory multi-factor authentication (MFA) to prevent unauthorized login. Additionally, role-based access control (RBAC), which further limits a malicious user’s privileges and access to the server’s data, is integrated into Nebulon’s service. smartInfrastructure takes data security one step further with always-on data encryption at-rest and in-flight through a hardware-generated encryption key, versus user-generated keys, which minimizes the risk of keys being lost or misappropriated.

“Ransomware attacks are inevitable. Many enterprises today are focused on protecting their production systems against a ransomware attack, but few have a strategy in place to quickly recover their management clusters. This can be a costly mistake as management infrastructure is critical to recovering production servers,” said Nebulon CEO Siamak Nazari. “Enterprises need a simple, fast way to ‘recover so they can recover’ – recover their management infrastructure so they can recover their production environment.”

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