Optiv CRS protects mission-critical assets and enhances recovery

As organizations grow and evolve, so does the threat of cyberattacks. This creates the need to readily identify and protect critical security assets as part of an effective cyber strategy. To help clients strengthen their resiliency in this area, Optiv launched its new Cyber Recovery Solution (CRS) at RSA Conference 2022.

Optiv’s CRS helps organizations get back to business faster by providing strategic and tactical advisory and technology solutions for cyber readiness while enabling rapid recovery to a secure state. CRS identifies and prioritizes the protection of critical assets through automated workflows that backup business-essential data, systems, and applications and supports the implementation of a vaulted, data-isolated, air-gapped backup solution that reduces the risk of data loss.

Key Benefits of CRS:

  • Business/technology alignment: Identify, prioritize and build a cohesive connection between business and technology.
  • Enhanced recovery: Create custom playbooks, defined in advance of an incident, to enable rapid recovery to a secure state.
  • Reduced risk of business impact: Minimize the impact a cyberattack has on business operations, finances and reputation.
  • Cyber resilience: Build a framework that anticipates and efficiently responds to cyberattacks for better business continuity.

CRS is part of Optiv’s holistic approach to cybersecurity and information technology, where business operations are connected with the technology that enables it. CRS is applicable to Zero Trust initiatives, Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) capabilities, supports cyber insurance requirements and more. The application of CRS runs across all technology domains and security initiatives.

“Cyber resiliency is no longer just an IT problem. It’s an opportunity for every organization, starting at the top, to implement tools like CRS to better identify threats while readily protecting its security posture,” says David Martin, executive vice president and chief services officer at Optiv.

As part of CRS, Optiv works with clients to identify and classify mission-critical business processes, visualizes and prioritizes supporting systems, data and applications, and then develops step-by-step playbooks to quickly restore technology assets. This allows business operations to continue with minimal disruption when a cyberattack occurs. Organizations utilizing CRS can create a stronger cyber resilience framework.

“What matters most today is being able to reduce risk to your business from any threat, in any form” said Jessica Hetrick, senior manager, cybersecurity and enterprise resilience at Optiv. “CRS helps you proactively identify, prioritize and protect critical assets in your environment. This informs your ability to detect, respond and subsequently recover when a cyberattack happens — culminating in a truly resilient organization that can better withstand the most advanced cyber threats.”

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