BackBox Automation Platform enhances network security and performance for MSPs and MSSPs

BackBox released BackBox Automation Platform. This latest version adds cloud-based SaaS features to a platform with a largely on-premises footprint, and includes new capabilities that improve user experience, accelerate time-to-value, and deliver insights into usage and automation performance.

BackBox’s product release delivers scalability and onboarding for both managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs), as well as enterprise customers. The release expands capabilities for network inventory and adds cloud-based telemetry reporting based on system performance and inventory data into an easy-to-use executive dashboard.

“Organizations around the globe rely on BackBox’s network automation solutions, including some of the largest MSPs and MSSPs in the world,” said Andrew Kahl, CEO of BackBox.

“We are aiming to change the way network automation tools are used to enhance network security, performance, and compliance. While many of our enterprise customers require an on-premises solution for network automation, especially when managing secure, closed, and OT networks, many other customers require a distributed approach to best manage their multi-cloud environments. This has been especially evident as we’ve worked to partner with our MSP, MSSP, and cloud-first customers. With this product release, we can better support our on-premises customers and offer new capabilities for customers managing hybrid environments.”, said Kahl.

The hybrid SaaS model of the BackBox platform allows for new features like the executive dashboard. Analytics on inventory and automation performance help customers quantify the business impact of network automation and inform their automation strategies. The dashboard will help both customers and MSP/MSSP partners better validate and justify their work while identifying common and recurring issues, and strategies for overcoming them.

“This latest release and the upcoming releases we have scheduled for later this year are focused around improving capabilities of the product for MSPs and enterprise customers with a need to automate network security posture improvements,” said Craig McDonald, Head of Product at BackBox.

“We are also continuing to enhance our product capabilities around network inventory and cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM), as these have been key areas of interest amongst our customers. This latest release both advances our capabilities in these areas and positions us for rapid expansion of these capabilities throughout the remainder of the year and beyond.”, McDonald continued.

“One new capability we are particularly proud of is a greenfield provisioning tool for MSPs. We’ve worked with some of our largest MSP/MSSP customers to develop a new tool to accelerate their deployment and onboarding of client firewalls and other network infrastructure gear. This latest release of our automation platform includes several key capabilities required to connect the platform to the provisioning tool in the ways our customers want to use them.” said McDonald.

With each new release BackBox adds support for new network devices. The platform currently supports different physical and virtual device types from over 180 different vendors including Cisco, Fortinet, Palo Alto, f5, Juniper Networks, and Check Point.

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