A closer look at identity crimes committed against individuals

In this Help Net Security video, James E. Lee, Chief Operating Officer of the Identity Theft Resource Center, discusses the 2021 Trends in Identity Report, which looks at the trends in identity based on information from the victims that contact the ITRC. For the report, researchers looked at the wide range of identity crimes committed against people as reported by the victims of the crimes.

Interesting findings from the report:

  • In 2021, the ITRC received its highest number of contacts in its history, with Google Voice being the most reported identity-related scam.
  • Identity thieves turned to social media to commit scams and account takeovers (over 1,000 percent increase).
  • There was also a significant increase in non-financial account takeover (over 200 percent increase), as well as financial accounts opened in a victim’s name.
  • Pandemic-related assistance was targeted heavily by identity criminals (over 80 percent increase in unemployment benefits identity fraud). Fifty-five (55) percent of compromised accounts were tied to government assistance.

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