COVID-19 data put for sale on the Dark Web

Resecurity, a California-based cybersecurity company protecting Fortune 500, has identified leaked PII stolen from Thailand’s Department of Medical Sciences containing information about citizens with COVID-19 symptoms. The incident was uncovered and shared with Thai CERT.

COVID-19 data sale

The data was put for sale on several Dark Web marketplaces and was available for further purchase via a Telegram channel created by the bad actors.

Based on the acquired samples and additional insights related to the security incident, the bad actors were able to gain unauthorized access to the government portal allowing them to manage users and records illegally.

The access was possible due to an active SQL injection vulnerability in an authorization module of the Web app used for online-surveys.

At the time of breach identification, the bad actors could have accessed at least 5,151 detailed records with potential exposure of 15,000 in total.

Thailand is not the only region where cybercriminals hunt for personal and medical data. Most healthcare services in Thailand are available in digital form for citizens, that’s why they’re always an attractive target for cyberespionage groups, and other Dark Web actors collecting information for malicious purposes, one example is to use the stolen data for further identity theft. This year similar incidents occurred in Indonesia and India leading to the theft of COVID-19 patient records.

Resecurity has shared the exposed leaked data with the relevant authorities and law enforcement to ensure the affected citizens will be protected in the scope of the existing privacy laws and data protection regulations in Thailand.

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