The impact of location-based fraud

In this Help Net Security video, André Ferraz, CEO at Incognia, talks about the impact of location-based fraud, which is more prevalent than one would imagine, and it impacts different industries in many different ways. Fraudsters simply don’t want to reveal their physical location since this would make them susceptible to identification, therefore they spoof location signals.

There are many types of location-based fraud, one example being fraud farms. Fraud farms are a physical location which contains a significant amount of fraudulent activity. It can target different industries for different use cases.

The second example is a bot farm. Bot farms refer to multiple devices run at the same time from the same location. In many cases, bot farms are used to spread disinformation campaigns to social media.

The third example is related to food delivery and ride hailing businesses where there are examples of fake rides.

Another example is from the gaming industry where location spoofing can be used to hide gamers’ locations.

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