Safe Security and Intuitive.Cloud join forces to provide visibility into enterprise-wide cyber risk

Safe Security joins forces with Intuitive.Cloud. Intuitive’s new offering, a cyber risk quantification and management solution for its global enterprise customers, will deliver the SAFE CRQM platform to U.S.-based customers.

Regulatory and government pressure is forcing Boards and C-Suites to demand greater visibility into how efficiently their cyber risk posture is being managed. They want assurances that shareholder value is adequately protected.

Reports suggest that compared to Q2 2021, Q2 2022 cyber attacks worldwide rose by 32%. With a high volume and frequency of breaches, it’s more important than ever for modern and digital-first businesses to shift towards risk-driven cybersecurity and for security and risk management leaders to have:

  • Visibility of the enterprise-wide attack surface on a single platform.
  • Real-time, data-driven insight into the business’ cyber risk posture, the potential financial risk, and what can be done to prevent losses.
  • The ability to effectively communicate the business risk of cybersecurity threats to the Board and senior executives.

“Intuitive.Cloud is excited to launch and deliver Safe Security’s cyber risk quantification and management offering to our customers. With the major changes to the security threat landscape in recent years with cloud adoption, it is important to measure and benchmark the security risk. Security and risk management leaders require a measurable metric to know their real-time cybersecurity risk posture and the return on their security investments. This joint effort will empower our existing customers with unmatched visibility to manage cyber risks proactively,” says Jay Modh, Founder and CEO of Intuitive.Cloud.

Saket Modi, co-Founder, and CEO of Safe Security, says, “Our cyber risk quantification and management platform – SAFE – provides dynamic visibility into enterprise-wide cyber risk, enables prioritized risk management, and reports cybersecurity risk as potential financial risk. Combined with Intuitive.Cloud’s global reach of services, this collaboration will enable and empower security and risk management leaders to engage in dollar-driven and risk-based cybersecurity discussions with the Board and senior executives.”

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