Code42 enhances Incydr Risk Indicators to help users protect and classify sensitive data

Code42 has enhanced its Incydr Risk Indicators (IRIs) within the Code42 Incydr product to detect and label file downloads from corporate systems.

Code42 Incydr Risk Indicators

By understanding the source system from which a file came, security analysts can better prioritize what data exfiltration presents the most risk to their organization. For example, if an employee were to download a customer list from their employer’s CRM (like Salesforce) and upload it to a personal email account (like Gmail), Incydr would detect the movement and flag the customer list as a CRM document exfiltration. Given the employer’s identification of Salesforce-originated downloads as sensitive data, Incydr gives the security team the context they need to act fast to protect the organization.

Incydr is an Insider Risk Management solution that provides the visibility, context and controls needed to stop data leak and IP theft. Organizations utilize Incydr to detect and respond to data exposure and exfiltration from corporate computers, cloud and email systems. It deploys in hours so security teams can address material risk to the business in a matter of days and drive the secure work habits needed to decrease how often employees put data at risk in the future.

While traditional methods of data classification require manual, time-consuming inventory or tagging processes, Incydr provides a more efficient way to classify data by automatically elevating risk scores for data exposure events related to files acquired from high-value systems. Today, high-value sources include systems such as business intelligence tools, cloud storage, source code repositories, coding tools, marketing tools, contract management, CRM tools, messaging applications, HR tools, productivity tools and financial services applications.

“When people inside your organization – people who are trusted with your source code, IP, personnel information and product plans – expose your valued data, security teams want to mitigate the loss as quickly as possible. Technology needs to do the heavy lifting to identify risk severity so security can be efficient and effective in their response,” said Dave Capuano, senior vice president, product management at Code42. “That’s why this enhancement to Incydr is exciting. Now, Incydr better prioritizes data risk events by understanding the value of files based on their source. This increases the likelihood security teams investigate events that are truly risky for the organization, without burdening them with file classification projects.”

Summary of benefits:

  • Gain visibility and control of files being downloaded from high-value locations.
  • Protect and classify your most sensitive data without having to tag or inventory data.
  • Detect and respond to file exfiltration involving your most sensitive and business-critical data.
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