Traefik Hub 1.0 simplifies publication and security of containers at scale

Traefik Labs has announced its new cloud service that enables networking best practices in minutes and helps eliminate the complexity of managing Kubernetes and Docker networking at scale.

Cloud native emerged in 2015, the same year Traefik Proxy was open sourced. With more than 3 billion downloads and 40,000 GitHub stars, Traefik Proxy has grown alongside the cloud native ecosystem.

Traefik Proxy revolutionizes cloud native networking for containerized applications by providing dynamic application-aware traffic management and deep integration with all the major container orchestrators.

Today, as the cloud native ecosystem is becoming more mature and adoption continues to accelerate, organizations still face pressing challenges coming from the multiplication of clusters and the need to extend traffic management up to the edge, to users, and third parties.

Traefik Hub, a unified cloud native networking platform, redefines the publication and security of containers to the edge, at scale.

“Traefik Hub fills a gap in the industry for both small standalone teams and large distributed organizations,” said Darren Shepherd, chief architect and co-founder of Acorn Labs, and former chief technology officer of Rancher.

Announced as a beta in June and already with over 6,000 users, Traefik Hub is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that integrates with Traefik and Nginx and instantly provides a gateway to services running on any Kubernetes or Docker environment.

With the Traefik Hub platform, customers are able to:

  • Publish: Install the Hub lightweight open source agent, automatically discover services, and get secured public access to containers in seconds.
  • Secure: Automate HTTPs certificate management, access containers through secured tunnels/direct private connections, and accelerate modern access control deployment. For instance, OpenID Connect (OIDC)-based authentication can protect new or existing micro services in minutes.
  • Scale: Start with a single cluster using Traefik or Nginx, and seamlessly scale to multiple clusters managed by the centralized Traefik Hub networking control plane.

“In today’s cloud native world, applications are more distributed than ever before, with services running across increasingly heterogeneous environments and a complex technical stack,” said Emile Vauge, CEO and founder of Traefik Labs.

“That complexity demands a new generation of cloud native networking solutions with greater operational agility with full GitOps readiness.”, Vauge continued.

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