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Traefik Labs updates address rising Kubernetes adoption and API management

Traefik Labs has unveiled product updates that address the escalating adoption of Kubernetes and the crucial role of API management in modern digital infrastructure. The …

Traefik Hub updates modernize API runtime operations

Traefik Labs added new capabilities to Traefik Hub, a Kubernetes native and GitOps-driven Application Programming Interface (API) management solution. This latest update …

Traefik Hub 1.0 simplifies publication and security of containers at scale

Traefik Labs has announced its new cloud service that enables networking best practices in minutes and helps eliminate the complexity of managing Kubernetes and Docker …

Traefik Hub enables users to secure and scale their cloud native services

Traefik Labs launched a new cloud service that eliminates the complexity of management and automation of Kubernetes and Docker networking at scale. With Traefik Hub, …

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