SkyKick Security Manager enables ITSPs to manage Microsoft 365 security

SkyKick releases Security Manager to help IT partners better protect customers in the cloud and accelerate growth by reducing the cost and complexity of delivering security services for their customers.

SkyKick Security Manager

As SMBs continue their shift to the cloud – accelerated by the rapid adoption of remote work due to COVID-19 – security is becoming a more urgent concern for customers and their IT partners. According to the U.S. Small Business Association, nearly 88% of small business owners feel that their business is vulnerable to a cyberattack. As a result, ITSPs are starting to build security services to drive more proactive customer protection, higher satisfaction, and increased revenue.

However, ITSPs report that managing security-related workloads can be overwhelming. A recent report shows that reactive security tickets now constitute 21% of the workload on help desk teams, who are already stressed due to staffing limitations and ever-increasing ticket volumes. A small 10-person ITSP primarily focused on SMB-relevant applications like Microsoft 365 could be spending as many as 2,500 hours a year on security tickets like MFA, Phishing and Single Sign-on authentication.

“We are excited to once again be moving the industry forward by making it easy and powerful for IT service providers to manage and automate Microsoft 365 security,” said SkyKick Co-CEO Todd Schwartz. “Security is clearly top-of-mind for our partners and so many of their customers. We created SkyKick Security Manager as an application purpose-built for ITSPs to find, fix and automate security across thousands of potential security issues for Microsoft 365 services – unlocking the path to a more successful cloud security practice for partners.”

Security Manager is a powerful application for partners to efficiently deliver and monetize cloud security in their Microsoft 365 business. With Security Manager, partners can easily discover risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities across all customers under management. It transforms millions of security signals into actionable insights through a single pane of glass. The application enables frontline ITSP support staff to easily remediate security issues across all their customers. Security Manager also provides advanced automation capabilities for partners to monitor, automate and scale their security practice.

“This is game-changing. Security Manager brings down all that Microsoft 365 security information into one centralized console that is easy, user-friendly, and actionable. This creates more efficiency in our security and operations teams, allowing us to manage more clients with the same resources,” said Shane Monty, Vice President at Present, a large MSP out of Montreal, Canada.

With Security Manager, IT Partners can confidently offer more robust security services in their Microsoft 365 managed bundle and generate as much as 30-50% more recurring revenue per user, while creating more differentiation and relevance with their customers.

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