Cyera partners with Wiz to accelerate cloud security

Cyera integrate with Wiz to provide prioritized attack surface minimization and automated remediation based on sensitive data exposure.

Cyera leverages its Data Security Graph to help security teams quickly understand the blast radius that an active security threat or vulnerability represents, and how to respond to remediate the issue.

“Wiz introduced a new approach to cloud security that enables organizations to embrace the cloud while reducing risk,” said Assaf Rappaport, CEO of Wiz. “Partnering with other cloud-first companies that enable security teams benefits everyone as it improves the overall cloud security posture.”

Enhancing cloud detection and response with data security posture

Cyera’s data security posture management platform enables security teams to understand the data they manage, and what’s at risk. By automatically and continuously identifying data stores across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, Cyera proactively assesses internet facing exposures and access permissions, and provides detection and response capabilities to keep an organization’s most precious data safe from exposure. This integration adds Cyera’s deep data context to Wiz’s extensive risk posture assessments.

“Cyera provides enterprises with a deep understanding of the sensitive data they have, how it extends their threat surface and how to take action to remediate the risk it represents,” said Yotam Segev, CEO of Cyera. “Together, our solutions will empower security teams to approach cloud security holistically, focusing on the risks that matter most.”

Holistic cloud data protection, at scale

The new solution will enable security teams to prioritize risk remediation based on sensitive data exposure.

“Security teams need to understand how sensitive data represents risk to their business,” said Mike Britton, Chief Information Security Officer for Abnormal Security. “Getting your security posture right requires you to understand the difference between how an application, an IT employee, or someone in HR should be able to access and handle sensitive information, before you can effectively apply the right controls that protect your business without disrupting it.”

Examples of how this partnership improves cloud security with data security posture include:

  • Adding context on the risk that publicly exposed data represents to operational resilience into detection and response workflows
  • Identifying where improved data security controls and less permissive access to sensitive customer or employee data can improve cyber-resilience and protect against ransomware threats
  • Correlating cloud configuration issues, critical data store vulnerabilities, and data security risk to ensure teams can respond quickly to the most material risks to their cloud environments
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