ThreatBlockr platform updates prioritize alert management

ThreatBlockr introduced major updates and features to its platform. The release improves flexibility, control, and visibility, with key updates including list consolidation, simplified policy configuration, easier protection of networks and ports, improvements to management systems and simplified access controls.

These features provide security admins even more blocking powers and the ability to understand and manage unexpected threats in ways that were previously not possible.

“ThreatBlockr prides itself on providing customers the most information available to protect against even the most sophisticated attacks. Not only do these enhancements block known threat actors from exiting or entering the network, but customers also have more insight into how and why threats are blocked before they can hit the security stack or call back to threat actors,” stated Pat McGarry, CTO of ThreatBlockr. “With these updates, we are making it even easier to bidirectionally block attacks, prioritize alerts and analyze threats.”

ThreatBlockr’s solution already reduces the network’s traffic by 30-50 percent. This updates bring key capabilities into a single pane of glass and allow managed service providers (MSPs) to address their customers’ needs more efficiently, streamlining their processes and alert management and delivering measurably increased protection.

“Combining our superior ability to analyze and stop threats in real-time with the intelligence to block malicious outbound traffic, ThreatBlockr has quickly become a foundational layer of security for our customers,” said Brian McMahon, CEO of ThreatBlockr.

“We prevent traffic to and from millions of malicious IP addresses and domains, so even if they manage to get into a network from a ‘side door’ (such as an end-user clicking a malicious link), they are unable to perpetrate the attack fully. Now, it’s even easier for our customers to manage and understand threats on their own,” McMahon concluded.

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