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ThreatBlockr integrates with GreyNoise to guard against false positives

ThreatBlockr and GreyNoise announced a partnership that will enhance the ThreatBlockr platform. By leveraging GreyNoise data, ThreatBlockr customers now have automatic access …

ThreatBlockr and Engaged Security Partners help users prioritize breach prevention

ThreatBlockr and Engaged Security Partners announced a partnership focusing on “left of boom” protection to bring enhanced breach prevention to customers. Engaged Security …

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ThreatBlockr platform updates prioritize alert management

ThreatBlockr introduced major updates and features to its platform. The release improves flexibility, control, and visibility, with key updates including list consolidation, …

Active security budget evaluation plugs holes in your security stack

Every successful attack has breached the security stack. Once the foundation of good cybersecurity, firewalls, and other security products are not enough to block all of the …

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